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At the moment you are visiting the site www.photo-international.com
The point of this website is to offer all kinds of pictures in a high resolution and fine quality.
Our pictures are especially suitable for newspapers, webblogs, posters our simply wallpapers.
You will find a large variety of photos that were taken by us. There will be always a fitting picture!
We try to shoot photos not just as art. We try to hold the history, our pictures are not just kidding products!
The photos we take become important documents. They create the cold story of this world.
You can browse our website and convince yourself! We will keep on to upload pictures from time to time. After you bought a picture you can use it as a strong presentation instrument,
for example after an accident you can show the history which was held in the picture.
Truth is to find anywhere, but there is no truth without a past. And we are trying to safe all the memorys that are left. However, actually after you bought a picture it doesn't matter to us what you do with it, but we need to ask you not to violate our license! Please check the AGB for more information!

Thank you for your understanding! Your PhI-Team

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